Grabbing the bill has never looked slicker. The style ridges on the Urban Slim let you slip it out of your pocket with such sleight of hand, the bill will be paid before you can say, “The name’s Bond.” It has just enough space for your cards and cash. It’s perfect for concert-goers, bikers, spontaneous adventurers and anyone who doesn’t want bulk slowing them down.

  •  Holds up to 9 cards
  •  Dimensions: 3.95in Height, 2.65in Width, 0.40in Thick
  •  360° RFID Protection
  •  Premium Tectuff® Leather
  •  Tile™ Slim Pocket
  •  Card barriers to keep your cards in place
  •  Easy-slide thumb slot for quick card access
  •  Style ridges guide your wallet into your pocket
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